Not So Social

Once upon a time I joined the Social Media platforms with the hope that it would be a place to curate a feed where I could keep up on current events around the world and with my friends. Since then it has become a platform coded to feed us ever more extreme versions of our own viewpoints. If you like a post from someone condemning leaving your dog in a car in the summertime: BOOM have some PETA articles. Like Bernie Sanders’ page? BOOM have some articles praising Safe Spaces for man/woman babies whose parents have failed to raise them tough enough to handle the world. Like something Rand Paul once said? BOOM have some pro-confederate monument stories. Like the second amendment? BOOM have some articles trying to convince me it’s not OK to punch Nazis. All this idiocy has happened to me. I’m a code poet, and I have been for 36 years. I know how the system works… and I do not approve of its existence, nor the lack of morality that went into its creation.

For a couple of years now, I have not given my time to any 24-hour news channel because they’re NOT NEWS. There IS NOT enough news to fill 24 hours. The planet isn’t that big. So instead of making their channels a place to bring about a better world and tell tales of inspiration and share ideas, cable news has decided to come up with new ways to tell you what you need to be scared of today. Eff that. Social Media does the same thing, but instead of a program director, it uses computer code. That makes it more insidious because it’s tailored to YOU. Eff that too. I’m out. No more of this idiocy and manipulation. I’ll not spend one more minute trying to pull my news feed back to the middle path.

So… please realize that your attention is a commodity being bought, sold, and manipulated by assholes with agendas and good coders: MSNBC, CNN, FoxNews, Twitter, Facebook. Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

Also: please vote to keep my son from going to war, and to reward his service when he leaves by taking care of him and his family.

Be kind… but take no more shit than you must.